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The Station Hotel (Former) was built in 1931 directly opposite the newly-constructed Auckland Railway Station in Beach Road, which formed the main land-based gateway to Auckland. Structurally, the building is an eight-storey reinforced concrete frame building with a highly decorative brick façade and a basement storey. The building is trapezoidal in plan and constructed on a steep slope.

The project is currently progressing, we are engaged by the client to give the building a new lease on life by modernising the interior of the building, upgrade the seismic performance of the building and replace the extension on the Anzac Street elevation which will improve the building’s functionality as well as create a modern entrance to the building.

The key services to be provided are:
Site investigation, 3D point cloud survey of the building’s exterior
Detailed seismic assessment of the primary and secondary structural elements
Conceptual design of options to improve the earthquake performance of the building and investigate options for additional storeys to be added to the building
Design of the strengthening (both Seismic and Gravity) of the primary and secondary structural elements as part of the development

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