23 Customs Street East, Auckland

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23 Customs Street East is a 15-storey high rise office building at the heart of Central Auckland and close to the water front. We are engaged by Argosy to undertake a Detailed Seismic Assessment of the multi-storey building as part of the corporate strategy to understand the seismic risks associated with their portfolio and as part of the long-term plan to upgrade the building services.
The Detailed Seismic Assessment is currently progressing. We are using the latest computer aided dynamic modelling coupled with a highly experienced team to help deliver the client a set of robust and reliable assessment results and recommendations.

Key services provided:
Detailed site inspection and investigations to determine the as-built configuration of the building; 3D linear and non-linear computer aided analysis of the primary and secondary structural elements in accordance with MBIE’s Part A and Part C.
Recommendation and design of the structural upgrade to improve the seismic performance of the building and strengthen the building for the proposed alterations.

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