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According to Heritage New Zealand, St Paul’s was the first church built in Auckland, with its foundation stone originally being laid in 1841. The building’s foundation stone was re-laid in 1894, where the structure as it is known today underwent construction. The church is a fine example of Gothic Revival architecture, with comparison to the Christchurch Cathedral which was built in 1863. At the exterior roof levels, several decorative parapets, pediments, and ornamental features exist which are constructed from Oamaru limestone. The exterior walls feature stepping basalt stone buttresses with decorative Oamaru limestone. The exterior walls are of basalt stone construction and feature tall lancet windows and square headed windows. The walls at the ground level feature a painted brickwork backing.

EQ Struc is engaged by the client as a multi-stage project to seismic strengthen and refurbish the church to better serve the community in the years to come. The project is currently progressing and we have developed several heritage sensitive options to improve the seismic performance of the building involving targeted strengthening with near surface mounted (NSM) carbon fibre strips, post-tension and structural steel.

Key services provided:
Building investigation, 3D point cloud survey and production of as-build drawings;
Detailed assessment of the existing building structure;
Preliminary design of the seismic retrofit schemes that could be expanded to include future works to the building

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