94-96 Queen Street, Auckland

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The building at 94-96 Queen Street is a three-storey unreinforced masonry building constructed at the turn of the century. The building has a Heritage Rating of Category B and is part of Auckland City’s Heritage Walk. The building had several challenges which significantly impacted its useability in the modern environment. The focus of the project is to ensure the heritage characteristics of the building is retained, while transforming the building into a modern mixed-use space that will ensure financial viability for the building owner.

We were involved with the project since 2012 and worked with the client to complete the full investigation and assessment of the building. We also worked with the client’s architect and explore various options to unlock the potential of the ground floor and upper floors. The solution being implement involves the addition of a new storey, where the finished building will feature two floors of open plan commercial space and two floors of apartments.

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