Subdivision of existing building Fire Reports

Do we need one?

This type of report is required  if you are subdividing an existing Residential of Commercial building.

Territorial authorities must not issue a certificate under section 224(f) of the Resource Management Act 1991 for the purpose of giving effect to a subdivision affecting a building or part of a building unless satisfied, on reasonable grounds, that the building:

  • will comply, as nearly as is reasonably practicable, with every provision of the building code relating to the following matters:
    • means of escape from fire
    • access and facilities for persons with disabilities (if this is a requirement under section 118):
    • protection of other property;
  • and will, if it complied with the other provisions of the code immediately before the application for a subdivision was made, continue to comply with those provisions;
  • or, if it did not comply with the other provisions of the code immediately before the application for a subdivision was made, continue to comply at least to the same extent as it did then comply.

If you have any questions about whether a fire report is required for your property, please contact us

What do our Fire Engineers provide?

Within the fire engineering design report, we provide recommendations or improvements required for compliance. We will undertake a site inspection to assess the following:

  • Existing building construction
  • Means of egress
  • Existing fire safety precautions.

Once the site inspection has been undertaken we develop a Fire Engineering Design Report for the purpose of Building Consent Application which assesses the following:

  • Building Use
  • Occupancy Load Assessment
  • Fire Safety Precautions
  • Internal Fire Spread
  • External Fire Spread – Where applicable
  • Fire Service Access