Seismic Ceiling Design

Click on the logos below for Ceiling Design Calculators available in New Zealand. Reduced seismic bracing for individual sites may be possible if a registered professional engineer carries out site specific seismic design. 

Non-Structural Elements (NSE) in a building are typically defined as permanent items that are attached to, and supported by, the primary building structure. They normally include the items listed below:
  • Architectural elements such as exterior cladding and glazing, ornamentations, ceilings and interior partitions,
  • Mechanical elements and systems including air conditioning equipment, ducts, lifts, escalators, pumps, and emergency generators,
  • Electrical elements including transformers, switchgear, master control centres, lighting, and cable trays,
  • Fire protection systems including piping and tanks, and
  • Plumbing systems and elements including piping, fixtures, and equipment.
Seismic design of non-structural elements at the early stages of projects leads to increased safety during earthquakes and design, pricing and installation efficiencies which should lead to reductions in both time and cost

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