Structural Engineers in Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown working across New Zealand

Structural Engineers for Commercial & Residential buildings

Our structural engineers and seismic engineers are based in Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown and work on projects across New Zealand. They analyse the loads and forces that a structure will experience throughout its lifespan and use this information to design the structural components. The goal is to ensure that the building will withstand the expected loads and be safe for occupants.

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In earthquake prone regions, or locations subject to high winds, we conduct specialized analyses to ensure that structures can withstand these dynamic forces considering factors like building flexibility, damping, and response. We use advanced software tools to create detailed models of structures to visualize designs, simulate how structures will respond to loads, and optimize these designs for efficiency and safety.

Our objective is to produce structural engineering designs that address aesthetic requirements and commercial demands and achieve efficient, safe buildings for all occupants and users.

We can provide construction monitoring services during the construction phase to ensure that the design is constructed correctly. This service can involve site visits, reviewing construction plans, and addressing any issues that arise during the building process.

Our structural engineers use the latest analysis tools and software to streamline the structural design and documentation process and focus on the development, and integration, of innovative building methodologies. We aim for solutions that are easier to construct and that make a real difference to the cost and performance of structures. 

All structural engineers are members of Engineering NZ and we are an ACENZ registered company to support our goal to design better, safer structures. We recommend getting a structural engineer involved early in the design process, to ensure you do not have to make changes later in the project, which can add cost.

Structural services:

  • Structural Engineering design (PS1) for commercial and residential structures and Construction Monitoring (PS4) as required. 
  • Peer Reviews (PS2) for commercial and residential structural designs.
  • Design (PS1) and Construction Monitoring (PS4) for non-structural elements (NSE’s) such as ceilings and walls.
  • Innovative Building Techniques – light gauge steel, mass timber, cross laminated timber, and hybrid structures.
  • Structural Testing and analysis to evaluate the integrity, strength, stability, and performance of structures.
  • Product Testing of new or alternative balustrades, barriers, glazing and suspended ceilings to ensure compliance with building standards and codes
  • Non-invasive GPR scanning investigations of existing and new buildings.

Expert advice on seismic assessment and earthquake strengthening of earthquake prone buildings?

Seismic engineering is a specialized area that focusses on designing structures and infrastructure to resist the forces generated by earthquakes and other seismic events.

Our seismic engineers assess the seismic hazard of a specific location by analysing historical seismic activity, fault lines, tectonic plate boundaries, and geological conditions. This assessment helps determine the level of seismic forces structures are likely to experience.
We use computer simulations and modelling techniques to analyse how structures will respond to seismic forces. This involves calculating dynamic loads, ground motion effects, and structural response characteristics. Advanced seismic engineering techniques include base isolation and seismic damping systems. Base isolation involves inserting flexible bearings between the building and its foundation to absorb and dissipate seismic energy. Seismic damping systems, such as tuned mass dampers, reduce structural vibrations during earthquakes.

Our innovative approach to the seismic assessment and earthquake strengthening of earthquake prone buildings produces practical, cost-effective solutions that maintain the character of the existing building.

Local Authorities require building owners to conduct an Initial Seismic Assessment (ISA/IEP) or Detailed Seismic Assessment (DSA) as part of their due diligence. We have the capability to conduct a wide range of seismic testing and by utilising the latest scanning technologies, we design solutions that not only bring your building up to the % of 

new building standard (NBS) you require, but also fit within the boundaries of your budget. Our team are highly experienced seismic engineers and have worked on buildings of all shapes and sizes, including extensive work on Heritage buildings. Our engineers are all members of Engineering NZ and we are ACENZ registered

Seismic services:

Better results with one-stop Structural & Fire Engineering

To reduce coordination requirements we offer a one-stop Structural Engineering and Fire Engineering package on projects. Wherever possible we incorporate acceptable solutions in our designs to speed up the consenting process and reduce consultation times.

We apply a practical, holistic approach to the fire safety design of various types of projects. Our Fire Engineers focus on the performance-based Fire Design of building structures and we take fire safety seriously with an approach that uses acceptable solutions where possible to

increase the speed of the consenting process and reduce consultation times. We use part verification methods or alternative solutions only when necessary. Our engineers are all members of Engineering NZ and we are ACENZ registered.

Fire Engineering services:

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