New Home, Herne Bay

Our structural engineers worked with Daniel Marshall architects and the developer of a new home in Herne Bay, Auckland.

Key Services

  • Detailed structural design for the floor slab and foundations, including any retaining walls required.
  • Specific engineering design of structural beams, posts, columns and framing outside scope of NZS3604.
  • Design of the lateral bracing system and structural connections for the proposed dwelling.
  • Specific engineering design for floating stairs, balustrades, foundations for the vehicle turntable and structural engineering input for the pool, pathways, steps, and driveway.
  • Addressed structural related queries from the Auckland Council during the building consent phase and liaised with Daniel Marshall Architects.
  • Construction inspection to Construction Monitoring Level 2 (CM2) and provision of inspection logs for each inspection and technical support to the contractor during construction.
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