Structural Engineering for extensions to Waipu home

Key Services

  • Reviewed relevant information for the design including site specific geotechnical report.
  • Prepared detailed structural designs for the following elements:
      • Dormer framing, bracing and glazed gable end window;
      • Courtyard floor and supporting foundation. 
      • Specific engineering design of new structural beams, posts, columns and framing outside the scope of NZS3604;
      • Foundation for new fireplace and pergola.
      • Design of the lateral bracing system and structural connections for the proposed extensions. 
  • Provided overmark drawings on the architectural plans by Bowman Design, Brisbane showing the proposed structural elements and supplemented these with CAD structural details of the Specific Engineering Design elements.
  • Prioritised and answered structural related queries from the Whangarei District Council during the building consent phase.