Seismic strengthening of the J.J McDonald Building in Marton

Key Services

The J.J McDonald building is a category 2 heritage building designed in the Edwardian free classical style by Invercargill architect Charles Brodrickon in 1908.

Our team of seismic engineers provided the following services:

  • Undertook a detailed review of the available structural and architectural drawings, previous ISA seismic assessment report and geotechnical reports from the surrounding areas.
  • On site inspection of the building to verify the configuration of the key structural elements.
  • Organised quotes from geotechnical engineers to provide site-specific soil parameters.
  • Completed independent analysis and validations of the findings and conclusions from the previous seismic assessment and used results to complete the preliminary design of the seismic strengthening for client review.

  • Prepared detailed design calculations, specification, design features report and PS1 for building consent and coordinated the structural package and reports by others prior to the lodgement of the building consent.