Blind Low Vision New Zealand Mobility Training Centre

Key Services

Our team of Structural Engineers worked with Hauraki Design and the Terra Firma Group on the seismic assessment and retrofit designs for the conversion of a 1967 pool complex into a mobility training centre:

  • Investigated previous building assessments and prepared an updated detailed seismic assessment of the building in accordance with MBIE guidelines.
  • Prepared preliminary retrofit design options for Blind Low Vision NZ.
  • Consulted with peer reviewer to address review questions and obtained PS2 on completion.
  • Prepared detailed design calculations, specification, DFR design features report and PS1 for Building Consent Purposes.
  • Issued ‘For Construction’ Structural Drawings and Specifications.
  • Addressed technical questions arising onsite and issued register of drawing changes.
  • Prepared construction observation reports and PS4 on completion.