Extensive structural investigation of apartments in Port Moresby

Key Services

Our team of structural engineers provided on-site investigation and testing services for an existing seven storey apartment building in Papua New Guinea. The objective was to obtain key structural information for a detailed structural and seismic assessment by Beca

  • Produced as-built structural plans in Revit using the information collected on site.
  • Completed GPR scanning of columns and beams to establish reinforcing arrangement.
  • Scanned beam and column joints to establish reinforcing arrangement of the joint core.
  • Performed scans of block walls to check their composition and ties to concrete frames.
  • Scans of precast floors to establish the arrangement of the reinforcing.
  • Checked diameter of reinforcing in slabs and the starter bar arrangement into supporting concrete.
  • Break-out under slabs to establish the seating length of the precast floor ribs. 
  • Extracted concrete core samples for testing and reporting on compression strength.
  • Removed and tested sections of reinforcing bar for chemical composition, yield and ultimate tensile capacity.
  • Compiled data and site photographs and prepared investigation report.