Home extension on a tight Newlands site

Key Services

Our team of structural engineers worked with RAB Design on this project. We reviewed relevant information for the design and provided detailed structural design for the following elements:

  • Proposed subfloor retaining walls of various heights around the dwelling.
  • Designed the floor slab and foundations.
  • Specific design of new structural beams, posts, columns and framing outside the scope of NZS3604 including lateral bracing system and structural connections for the proposed dwelling.
  • Design of the Roof Diaphragm to NZS 3604 and prepared specific design of the roof alterations.
  • Compiled design calculations, technical specifications, producer statement and drawings as part of the Building Consent application.
  • Prioritised and answered structural related queries from the Wellington City Council during the building consent phase.
  • Construction monitoring of building works and preparation of PS4 on completion. RABĀ