Top 5 advantages of using Light Gauge Steel

Light Gauge Steel (LGS) is similar to traditional wood-framed construction, where the wooden frame is replaced with a steel frame. The thickness of the steel varies depending on the scale and requirements of each project but typically range from 1-3mm and the members are sized to the dimensions that would’ve been used in wood framing – 2×4” and 2×6” are common sizes.

With the support of advancing technology, the construction industry is rapidly changing and LGS is becoming increasingly more popular in not just residential, but also industrial and commercial builds. Its popularity stems from many advantages.

Here are 5 main advantages of LGS construction;

1. Lightweight & Durable

Steel is a durable, quality product given that it’s manufactured with a high tolerance of straightness and accuracy. By using steel, there is almost no chance of failure in construction or during transit and installation.

Until the advancement of LGS, standard steel has typically been a very heavy product and was only used in large-scale construction projects. LGS, however, offers the same accuracy and strength characteristics and standard steel, but at only a fraction of the weight.

2. High Strength

Steel has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is strong enough to support a large load whilst being lighter than timber and concrete. As a result of its strength advantages over wood framing, LGS allows for larger spacing between framing sections.

It’s light enough to reduce the load of on foundations and be easily transported – this allows for modular construction in a factory environment. The strength component of steel is what makes it the idea choice for multi-storey commercial and residential buildings.

3. Dimensional Stability

Given the strength and durability of steel, it won’t experience any bending or warping under extreme load as other materials are prone to. It’s also 100% fire-proof and non-combustible, as opposed to its timber counterpart.

This dimensional stability is what makes LGS the perfect fit for multi-storey construction.

4. Speedy Construction

The light-weight nature of LGS allows for off-site modular construction, leading to a more accurate result and less call-backs. Modular construction is also not affected by weather, ultimately reducing the amount of delays during the construction period.

On average, modular construction gets projects completed up to 30% faster than on-site construction methods.

5. Environment Friendly

In addition to steel products being completely recyclable, the accurate and timeliness of manufacturing and construction of LGS components leads to less wasted material, ultimately reducing the environmental-impact.

Steel is also 100% termite-proof and doesn’t require any anti-pest treatment. Treatment methods of other materials are harmful to the environment but necessary for construction. By using LGS, this environmental impact is avoided.

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